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Buschman Homes

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The Buschman Homes Advantage

Description Benefit
1 Architectural grade shingles Dimensional shingles have a longer warrantee(30 years) and give your home a custom look as well as improved wind resistance
2 Ice and water shield Placed at the eves and valleys where snow and ice accumulate to reduce the chance of a leak due to Ice damming
3 Energy Heel Trusses Energy Heels allow for the placement of a full thickness of attic insulation all the way to the outer edge of the outside wall. More insulation at the roof/wall intersection means a warmer more energy efficient home as well as less chance for ice damming in the winter.
4 LP Smart Trim All exterior wood trim is LP Smart Trim. Engineered from wood, it is more dimensionally stable and holds paint better than traditional wood trim meaning less maintenance & easier cleaning
5 2" PVC chase from basement to attic Future proofs your home by providing a raceway to run additional low voltage lines in the future
6 R-15 fiberglass batt insulation/ optional Blown in Cellulose Variety of insulation packages available to offer increaed energy efficiency, which translates into substantially savings on monthly utilities
7 R-2.5 1/2" Dow Duramate Plus wall sheathing Reduces air and moisture infiltration and provides the necessary thermal break for the wall assembly protecting the stud cavity from condensation due to vapor transfer and changing temperatures.
8 Dow Weathermate house wrap Reduces air and moisture infiltration and a continuous "water plane" to prevent leaks at windows doors and roof to wall intersections.
9 R-10 2" rigid Dow Insulation at basement walls Provides Thermal break and reduces condensation for a warmer and dryer basement
10 Seal set all sills, rims and walls High strength construction adhesive or fiberglass gasket is used to seal the sill plate to the foundation, the rim board to the sill, the bottom wall plate to the sub floor, and between wall sections reducing air infiltration providing a healthier, more comfortable and more energy efficient home.
11 6" Brick ledge Provides a natural flashing against water intrusion at the sill and a more finished appearance.
12 I Level floor system
(11-7/8") engineered to L/480 w/ Green Edge T&G 3/4" sub-floor glued and nailed.
Provides the most consistently level, and quiet floors with no bounce. L/480 is 33% stronger and stiffer than required by code. Green Edge sub-floor is superior in moisture resistance to commodity grade sub-floors.
13 Sump Pump ejector
thru the foundation
Greatly reduces the noise transmitted throughout the home when the pump cycles on and off, especially "thump" of the check valve at the completion of the cycle.
14 Sealed sump lid, sealed floor /wall joints, sealed return air ducts, vent pipe for sump Reduces odors from stagnant ground water in your sump as well as a guard against Radon Gas intrusion